Nutrient Needs of Pregnant Women vs. Non-Pregnant Women

  • Did you know that pregnancy is a time when good nutrition is of critical importance to both the mother and the baby as the nutrients pass on from the mother to the baby?
  • Your nutritional needs increases as you journey from conception, to pregnancy, and lactation (breastfeeding). 


Effects of Having Proper Maternal Nutrition

Getting the nutrition you need before and during pregnancy gives you and your baby the following benefits:

  • For You
    • Higher chances of a normal pregnancy leading to a normal delivery
    • Lower chances of complications during pregnancy
    • Lower incidence of premature deliveries
    • Higher chances of a successful breastfeeding
  • For Your Child
    • Normal growth and development – normal birth weight and length
    • Lower incidence of chances of stillbirths, congenital malformations, and neonatal deaths
    • Lower incidence of illness and stronger resistance to infection

Anmum and its Benefits

Did you know that Anmum Materna is key to a healthy pregnancy? It is the maternal milk most prescribed by doctors for your baby’s proper brain and body development. It supports your healthy pregnancy because it provides you with the key nutrients which help prevent common nutritional problems and health risks during pregnancy.


Anmum Materna comes in different sizes and flavours suitable to your needs. 


Enjoy two glasses of Anmum Materna daily. Follow these instructions to ensure that you get the nutrition you need. 



Here are the frequently asked questions about Anmum:

Does Anmum cause weight gain?
  • No. We need to take about 3500 kcal in order to gain 1 lb of body weight. Weight gain is caused by total caloric intake and not by consuming a single food item.
  • Two glasses of ANMUM is just enought to meet the additional +300 kcal during pregnancy, provided that the pregnant woman does not overeat and crave for too much food.
Is Anmum safe for those with Gestational Diabetes?
  • YES. ANMUM is a fortified milk, and it does not harm women having gestational diabetes.
  • Women having gestational diabetes can enjoy the benefits of ANMUM in a well planned diet.
  • Anmum has a low GI rating.
Should I still take folate supplements even when I drink Anmum?
  • ANMUM can meet 100% of the RENI for Folate of Filipino pregnant women, 2 servings of ANMUM per day can eliminate the need for taking folate supplements.
  • Each serving of ANMUM provides 340 mcg of Folate.
I need the benefits of Anmum but I do not like plain milk?
  • For those who can't take milk, ANMUM is also available in chocolate and vanilla mango flavor. It offers the same benefits as the plain variant.
Can I drink Anmum even if I am not yet pregnant?
  • Anmum is high in Folate. Studies show that Folate is strongly linked with the development of neural tube. Closing of the neural tube occurs during the first 17-30 days after conception. Ensuring an adequate amount of Folate is important in helping prevent Neural Tube Defects (NTDs).
I have lactose malabsorption/intolerance, can I drink Anmum?
  • Yes. Persons with lactose malabsorption/intolerance can take in small amounts of milk.


Do you want to read more frequently asked questions by your fellow moms? Click http://www.anmum.com.ph/ask-experts/faqs/. If in need of expert guidance, send us your questions at http://www.anmum.com.ph/ask-experts/.

Start drinking Anmum Materna today and start your healthy pregnancy!