Anmum Lacta™ is formulated to maintain the nutritional composition of breast milk while replenishing maternal stores during the post-natal period. Breast milk contains mostly all the nourishment needed for the first 6 months of your baby’s life. Certain vitamins in a mother’s breast milk are largely dependant on a mother’s dietary intake. Anmum Lacta™ is high in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B12, Folate, Calcium and Iron. It also contains GA and SA, together with EFA (precursor of DHA and AA).


Recommended consumption: 2 glasses of Anmum Lacta™ daily.

Anmum® encourages breastfeeding directly after birth.

For more information on the benefits of breastfeeding and how to get started, please consult your health care professional or call AnmumCARE 912-6686 (for Metro Manila) or 1-800-10912 (Toll Free).

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