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Discover more about how to stay well-nourished for the little one growing inside you.


You Have Higher Nutritional Needs When You’re Pregnant

Motherhood starts the very moment you conceive your baby.

Your body will demand more nutrients when you’re pregnant, simply because there’s a child growing inside you. And this means that drinking regular milk may not be enough because remember, all the nutrients from what you eat and drink go to your baby as well.

The Many Benefits of Drinking Anmum

Anmum Materna, the #1 maternal milk, is one of the keys to a well-nourished pregnancy. It’s the maternal milk prescribed by doctors because it helps with proper brain and body development. Here are some of the vital nutrients that help provide nutritional needs and reduce common health risks during pregnancy:

Essential Nutrients


With just 2 glasses a day, Anmum Materna can help you
meet 100% of your nutritional needs versus regular milk.


The Effects of Proper Maternal Nutrition

Getting the nutrition you need before and during pregnancy gives you and your baby the following benefits:

For You

•  Higher chances of a normal pregnancy leading to 
   a normal delivery
•  Lower chances of complications during 
•  Lower incidence of premature deliveries
•  Higher chances of successful breastfeeding

For the Child Inside You

•  Normal growth and development – normal birth 
   weight and length
•  Lower chances of stillbirths, congenital 
   malformations, and neonatal deaths
•  Lower incidence of illness and stronger 
   resistance to infection

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Start drinking Anmum Materna today to begin your healthy pregnancy!