What’s in a name?
Choosing the right name for your child can be a daunting task. Will the name you choose be too common, or too rare? Will it carry a negative connotation? (There’s a reason why the name “Adolf” has fallen out of favour for the last half-century.) Then of course, will the name grow with your child, or sound frivolous during adulthood?

And to top it all off, your hubby could be a traditionalist who loves classic names, while you may be a free-spirit who wants to make up a unique moniker. So how do you decide?

Where do we begin?

Why not start with a list? Write a list of 10 potential names for your child that you like (classic, combined or original), and get hubby to do the same. Then, when you’re both done (hopefully before your child goes to college), you can exchange lists.

Strike off the ones you don’t like from your hubby’s list, and get him to do the same with yours. Then see which names survived the chop.

Screen the remaining names a few more times, and you’ll probably be left with a name that you both like, and can see yourselves calling for the rest of your lives.

Most importantly, when you’re deciding on a name, keep these in mind:

10 tips for choosing a name

Pick first, middle, and last names that sound nicely together. Some combinations of names are hard to pronounce while others go melodiously together.

Consider the initials of the names you choose to be sure they don’t spell something offensive or laughable.

Consider whether the name is so unusual that other kids will make fun of your child.

You also may not want a name that is so trendy that it will sound funny years later.

Consider whether the name is only adorable for a kid, but will sound silly when he grows up.

Think about the nicknames people may use as a shortened form of your child’s name.

If you pick a name that has a very unusual spelling, consider the difficulties others will have in spelling or pronouncing it.

Think of names that would honour favourite relatives or ancestors, or special names that show your family’s ethnic roots.

Look up the meaning of the names you are considering.

Consider how your child’s name sounds with the names of his/her siblings and parents.